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Regensburg is located in centre of Bavaria in the Bavarian forest, where the Naab and Regen rivers merge with the Danube. Because of its rich history and the many intact medieval buildings, the old town became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006. Its foundation dates back to a roman settlement (Castra Regina) in 179 and today the old town is the largest medieval settlement north of the Alps. Its many historical treasures as well as the picturesque cityscape with the old stone bridge and the gothic cathedral allow a glimpse at the most fascinating and important era in Regensburg's history and make it a must-see for tourists. In the city centre, many beer-gardens and restaurants invite with traditional bavarian food and local beer (called ‘Helles’) which is produced in the numerous local breweries. Make sure to join our guided tour of the city to witness the remains of the colorful history of Regensburg yourself! 

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Being an attraction for tourists, Regensburg offers many different hotels in the city centre.

We are happy that we can offer at least some rooms for a special fare (please mention the keyword 'ribosome' for reduced pricing): 


The map below gives an overview of the available hotels (please click on the icons on the map for hotel information). Colored in green are hotels that are within approx. five minutes walking distance of the conference venue in the old town. The conference venues are highlighted in orange.

Please take into consideration that October is a busy tourist month. We recommend to book a hotel in time.




Traveling and directions


Arriving by plane

Munich international airport (MUC) is close-by and conveniently connects to Regensburg by shuttle-buses (approx. 1h traveling). A single trip can be booked for 42€ (one way ticket) with Airportliner  – please register in advance.

Alternatively, you can take the bus line 635 (operating from both airport terminals) to the local train station in Freising and catch a train directly into Regensburg (approx. 1h train ride).

In addition, high-speed trains operate on a frequent basis to Frankfurt international airport (approx. 3.5h traveling).


Arriving by train

High-speed trains (inter city express, ICE) operate on a frequent basis to and from Regensburg train station (For more information on train connections please refer to Deutsche Bahn ). Upon arriving in Regensburg, the conference site and the hotels are a just a short walk away in the historic city center (see map below) .

Public transportation is available and buses operate in intervals of approx. 10min. For public transportation, make sure to exit the train station via its northern exit (not via the mall that is located on the other side of the train tracks towards the south). Upon exiting, taxis can be found to the left. For buses, cross the street and walk down the main road for approx. 30m. On the right you will find the main bus stop with several platforms. Locate the platform for bus line A that does a round trip of the old town. The conference venue is located right next to the bus stop ‘Haidplatz’ (approx. 10min, 5 stops). If you have bought a long-distance train ticket into Regensburg, you can usually use the local buses free of charge (make sure your train ticket states Regensburg + City).



Arriving by car

Regensburg is located at the motorways A3 and A93. Arriving on A3 from direction Frankfurt/Nuremberg or direction Passau/Vienna, at exit 44 (Kreuz Regensburg) connect to the A93 direction ‘Hof’. After 2km take the exit 41 ‘Prüfening’ (just before you enter the tunnel) and turn right into ‘Prüfeninger Strasse’.

Arriving via the A 93 from Munich, or from the North (direction Weiden/Hof), take the exit 41 (Prüfening) and turn east into Prüfeninger Strasse.

Follow ‘Prüfeninger Strasse’ to the end. The road makes a sharp 90° turn to the right and just a few meters down the road, after a zebra crossing, on the right hand side you will find the entrance to an underground parking (Tiefgarage am Theater). As parking space is rare in the city center, we recommend using this underground parking lot (or another one located a few meters away next to ‘Arnulfsplatz’). It is open 24/7 and the daily fee for parking is 11€. Hotels may offer a discount. The venue and hotels are within walking distance of the parking lot.





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