Wednesday, October 11th

13:00    Registration starts: Thon-Dittmer-Palais, 1st floor

Keynote Lectures

15:30    Welcome Address
15:45    Roy Parker: RNP Granules in Health and Disease
16:15    Reinhard Lührmann: Cryo-EM snapshots of the highly dynamic spliceosome
17:00    Alan Hinnebusch: A network of molecular interactions restricts stable preinitiation complex assembly to optimal translation start   codons in vivo

17:45    Dinner  at Thon-Dittmer-Palais
18:30    Posters and Drinks – at the ‘großer Dollingersaal’, even poster numbers

Thursday, October 12th

Session: Transcription

Session chair: Dina Grohmann
09:00     Welcome Address: Prof. Dr. Udo Hebel, President of the University of Regensburg
09:10    Evgeny Nudler: Structural Principles of Transcription-coupled DNA Repair
09:35    Stefan Knauer: Exploring RNA Polymerase Regulation by NMR spectroscopy
09:50    Albert Weixlbaumer: Regulation of Transcription Elongation by NusA – biochemical and structural studies
10:05    David Dulin: A network of pauses traps the bacterial RNA polymerase and its nascent transcript on the promoter
10:20    Finn Werner: Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription in Archaea
10:45     coffee break
11:15    Dylan Taatjes: Non-coding RNAs, Mediator, and Mediator kinases
11:40    Steven Hahn: Fuzzy Free-for-All: Retention of Fuzzy Binding in the Multi-Domain Interactions of Transcription Activator Gcn4 and Mediator Subunit Med15
12:05    Zoltan Villanyi: Ccr4-Not is at the core of the gene expression circuitry
12:20    Christoph Müller: Structural biology of RNA polymerase I and III transcription
12:45    Lunch break

Session: RNA processing

Session chair: Jan Medenbach
14:00    Julian König: iCLIP-based modeling uncovers 3’ splice site definition: how U2AF65 specificity relies on regulation by co-factors
14:15    Štěpánka Vaňáčová: N6-methyladenosine demethylase FTO targets pre-mRNAs and regulates alternative splicing and 3’ end processing
14:40    Michaela Müller-McNicoll: Cellular differentiation state modulates the mRNA export and retention activities of SR proteins
15:05     Daniela Lazzaretti: Insights into specific RNA recognition mediated by human Staufen1 from the crystal structure of its minimal RNA-binding region in complex with a physiological dsRNA target
15:20     coffee break
15:50    Oliver Mühlemann: Dissecting the functions of SMG5, SMG7 and PNRC2 in nonsense-mediated mRNA decay of human cells
16:15    Remco Sprangers: The Rrp4-exosome complex recruits and channels substrate RNA by a unique mechanism
16:30    Michael Sattler: Decoding regulatory protein-RNA interactions in gene regulation using integrated structural biology

17:00    Sponsored Seminar: Nicolas Piganeau Whole Transcriptome Analysis: Choose the right tool for the job

17:30     Guided tour of the old town, starting right outside the Thon-Dittmer-Palais on Haidtplatz
19:00     Conference Dinner at ‘Haus Heuport’


Friday, October 13th

Session: Ribosome biogenesis and function

Session chair: Sébastien Fereirra-Cerca and Jorge Perez-Fernandez

I – Fundamental aspects of ribosome biogenesis in Eukaryotes
09:00    Ed Hurt: Mechanism of ribosome biogenesis and its link to nucleocytoplasmic transport
09:25    Brigitte Pertschy: Coordination of distant 40S ribosomal subunit maturation events
09:40    Susan J. Baserga: High throughput discovery of novel regulators of human ribosome biogenesis
10:05    Cameron Mackereth: A novel dsRNA-binding module from a nuclear prolyl isomerase
II – Ribosome biogenesis and disease
10:20     Nicholas Watkins: The 5S RNP provides the link between ribosome biogenesis and the tumour suppressor p53
10:35     Antje Ostareck-Lederer: Interaction of hnRNP K and rpS19 and its function in erythroid maturation
10:50     coffee break
III – Ribosome function
11:20     Daniel N Wilson: Ribosome-targeting antibiotics and mechanisms of bacterial resistance
11:45     Axel Innis: Discovery and characterization of ribosome-arresting peptides by High-throughput Inverse Toeprinting
12:00     Nenad Ban: Extensions, extra factors and extreme complexity: Ribosomal structures provide insights into eukaryotic translation
12:30    Lunch break

IV – Translation control and quality control
13:45    Georg Auburger: Efficient Prevention of Neurodegenerative Diseases by Depletion of Starvation Response Factor Ataxin-2
14:00     Nagammal Neelagandan: Mutant TDP-43 selectively affects translation of specific mRNAs in cultured cortical neurons and motor neuron-like cells
14:15    Keynote Lecture - Nahum Sonenberg: Ribosome quality control of premature polyadenylated mRNAs by a unique E3 ubiquitin ligase and RNA-binding protein
15:00     coffee break

Session: non-coding RNAs

Session chair: Markus Kretz
15:30    Leemor Joshua-Tor: Mad about U: regulating the let7 pre-miRNA
15:55    Peter Sarnow: From bench to clinical trial: microRNA 122 as an antiviral target for hepatitis C virus
16:20    Claus-D. Kuhn: The role of piRNAs in planarian regeneration
16:35    Sara K. Eisenbart: A nickel-regulated small RNA represses expression of multiple major virulence factors in Helicobacter pylori
16:50    Lisa-Katharina Maier: Self-targeting and gene repression with the CRISPR-Cas system of Haloferax volcanii
17:05    Markus T. Bohnsack: METTL16 is a N6-methyladenosine (m6A) methyltransferase that targets pre-mRNAs, lncRNAs and the U6 snRNA
17:20    Sven Diederichs: lncRNA & Ribonucleoproteins in Cancer
17:45    Utz Fischer: Mechanistic dissection of UsnRNP biogenesis and its role in disease

18:10    Dinner at Thon-Dittmer-Palais
18:45    Posters and Drinks – at the ‘großer Dollingersaal’, odd poster numbers


Saturday, October 14th

Session: RNA systems biology

Session chair: Andrea Bleckmann
09:00    Vicent Pelechano: Genome-wide study of transcription complexity and ribosome dynamics
09:25     Jörg Vogel: Grad-seq discovers the third domain of small RNA-mediated gene regulation in bacteria
09:50    Nicholas Jaé: Functional characterization of hypoxia-regulated lncRNAs in endothelial cells
10:15    Kathi Zarnack: High-throughput screening for splicing regulatory elements
10:30     coffee break

11:00    Award Ceremony: Poster prizes Gunter Meister
    Sponsored by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), the SFB960, and the Faculty of Biology and Pre-Clinical Medicine of the University of Regensburg

Session: RNA systems biology (continued)
11:15    Jernej Ule: Regulation of gene expression by proteins bound to LINE-derived RNA elements
11:40     Dorothee Staiger: iCLIP determines the target repertoire and binding landscape of the clock-regulated RNA-binding protein AtGRP7
11:55    Cynthia Sharma: Functional characterization of the CRISPR-Cas9 system of the foodborne-pathogen Campylobacter jejuni

12:20    Closing remarks



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